We're happy to announce that more gigs are being booked and that we will revisit one of our all time favourite metal bars, as on October 14th LORD VOLTURE will return to The Jack in Eindhoven city; the Metal Capital of the world!

Over the years we have played The Jack several times, including one occasion where we opened for the mighty CAGE hailing from San Diego. This time we will play a headliner set and we will be supported by our good friends IRON ECHO, one of Germany's finest rising heavy metal acts. So put October 14th in you calendar and get rockin'!

Return of the Beast Tour '22/'23:
19.08.2022 - Zeeltje Rock / Deest / The Netherlands
14.10.2022 - The Jack / Eindhoven / The Netherlands
28.10.2022 - Ragnarok Live Club / Opitter / Belgium
03.02.2023 - Kid's Rhythm 'n' Blues Kaffee / Antwerp / Belgium

Photo credits: Shane J Horan

Posted on 29 July 2022


Bookings are coming in fast! We will play the Ragnarok Live Club in Opitter, Belgium, on October 28th, 2022.

Did you know that LORD VOLTURE's very first live appearance in Belgium ever was back in 2012 at another club called Jan Hertog, and that this club was owned by the same people who currently own Ragnarok Live Club? Yes, we go way back with Koen and Jeke! At that time we opened for TIM RIPPER OWENS as the first of a string of dates in Belgium, France and Spain. So, naturally we look forward to this special gig, 10 years after our Belgian debut!

Upcoming LORD VOLTURE tour dates:
19.08.2022 - Zeeltje Rock / Deest / The Netherlands
28.10.2022 - Ragnarok Live Club / Opitter / Belgium
03.02.2023 - Kid's Rhythm 'n' Blues Kaffee / Antwerp / Belgium

Photo credits: Jakub Loula

Posted on 7 June 2022


Now that we have a complete line-up again we are eager to hit the stage. So we are booking some new gigs before we head into the studio to record LORD VOLTURE's yet untitled fourth full-length album, the first of which we will announce today.

On Friday February 3rd, 2023, we will head down to Belgium to play the Kid's Rhythm 'n' Blues Kaffee in the beautiful city of Antwerp. The last time we played in Antwerp was back in 2014, so we look forward to return there once more!! Other concerts announcements will follow soon...

Upcoming LORD VOLTURE tour dates:
19.08.2022 - Zeeltje Rock / Deest / The Netherlands
03.02.2023 - Kid's Rhythm 'n' Blues Kaffee / Antwerp / Belgium

Photo credits: Luc Ghyselen

Posted on 5 June 2022


MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT - Following the departure of guitarist Leon Hermans and drummer Frank Wintermans and the outbreak of the corona pandemic in 2020, little news has come from the LORD VOLTURE camp. However, behind the scenes we have been actively searching for the best musicians to fill the vacancies of lead guitarist and drummer. And now, we are finally able to reveal the new LORD VOLTURE line-up to you!

We proudly present respectively on guitars and on drums, the amazing Laurent Schijns and, the machine-turned-man, Erik Verheij!!

Laurent has played the guitar for over 20 years and took part in countless original bands, cover bands and other musical projects. His key trade marks, besides his long hair and good looks, are fast shredding riffs and epic guitar solos. The fact that the guitar tandem Paul Marcelis-Laurent Schijns is already well oiled from their previous engagements in UP THE IRONS will surely elevate LORD VOLTURE's six-string sections to unprecendented levels of metal magnificence.

Erik is best known from his work with the band SYSTEM OVERTHROW, but he has also occupied the drum stool in numerous other outfits. Despite his obvious friendly nature, Erik is the living embodiement of a true metalhead. A thrasher through and through, he pounds the drums with a ceaseless amount of energy compared to which a lightning storm would seem a tiny light bulb. He is truly a Beast of Thunder!

In the coming weeks, we will post more background information about both Laurent and Erik on our Facebook, Instagram and new Youtube channel. So make sure that you follow us and subscribe to our socials!

If you can't wait and you already want to learn more, head over to the Band page where you will be able to view all the new band photos and check out the personal profile of each band member.

Our first live performance with the new line-up is due for August 19th, 2022, at the Zeeltje Rock festival in Deest, the Netherlands. We'll be playing a mixed set with classics from all LORD VOLTURE albums. So make sure you get your tickets in time!

David Marcelis - vocals
Paul Marcelis - guitars
Laurent Schijns - guitars
Simon Geurts - bass
Erik Verheij - drums

Photo credits: Original Cin Photography

Posted on 27 May 2022


Yes, it is true! LORD VOLTURE will be back at Zeeltje Rock on August 19, 2022!!

It has been 8 years since LORD VOLTURE played the Zeeltje Rock festival and it will be our first live performance since 2019. But more importantly, it will be our first show with the new line-up!! The new band members will be revealed soon, so stay tuned...

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Posted on 04 Mar 2022


Veterans of 10 years Leon Hermans (guitars) and Frank Wintermans (drums) leave LORD VOLTURE. Consequently, all planned 10th Anniversary shows are cancelled. BLACK KNIGHT will replace LORD VOLTURE at the Zeeltje Rock festival.

Frank comments:

“I’ve had some of my most memorable moments with LORD VOLTURE. It always felt special to share the stage and other adventures with the great personalities and musicians that David, Paul, Leon and Simon are. But sometimes to move forward, difficult decisions have to be made, which is why I’ve decided to quit LORD VOLTURE."

"It became clear that our musical paths were heading in different directions and that parting ways was the best option for both LORD VOLTURE and me to keep progressing. I have no doubt that LORD VOLTURE will continue to spread their heavy metal across the globe and I wish them the best of luck with all of their future endeavours. A massive thanks to everyone who contributed to LORD VOLTURE in their own way for the past 10 years! Off to some new adventures!”

Leon would like to add to that:

“Hey guys, when David asked me back in late 2009 to join his new band LORD VOLTURE, I was honored and very pleased to play with him and of course the rest of the band. What followed was a big adventure of recording three studio albums; many tours through Europe and last but not least; lots, lots of fun. We have many memorable highlights as a band, which are also highlights in my personal career as a musician and guitarist and I am grateful for that. After being a part of this heavy metal machine for a decade, I decided it’s time for me to move on and concentrate on other musical projects. I’m sure the LORD VOLTURE machine will continue creating and making great music. I want to thank all the fans and everybody who came at the shows and bought our albums. I wish David, Paul, Simon and Frank all the best and want to thank them for all the unforgettable moments. I’d like to end with one my favorite choir parts of the LORD VOLTURE shows… STEEL!!!”

David shares his view on the future for LORD VOLTURE:

“Personally, I am very saddened to see Leon and Frank leave the band. With their excellent musical performances, both in the studio and on stage, they have contributed heavily to my creative brainchild which is LORD VOLTURE. Following about 200 live shows in close to 20 different countries, sharing many miles on the road, meeting diverse people, experiencing ups and downs, sharing adventure, dealing with setbacks, but bringing the steel with passion and fire every single night without exception, Leon and Frank have become my close friends and, like Paul (obviously) and Simon, I consider them as brothers. I wish both of them all the best in their further musical careers and I expect that our paths will cross again in the future. I do hope so."

"For LORD VOLTURE, the focus in the coming months will be on finalising the draft songs for the fourth studio album. With ‘Will To Power’ from 2014 being the latest release the new album is long overdue. But as with everything else in life, if you want to do it right you take your time. Once the songs are ready we’ll start looking for fulltime band members to replace Leon and Frank. I’m confident that we will be able to find high level musicians, although the band will not sound the same."

"Last but not least, I am sorry to the promotors whose events we had to cancel and to the fans who looked forward to seeing LORD VOLTURE live there. But I am glad that at least at the Zeeltje Rock festival I am able to hit the stage with BLACK KNIGHT. LORD VOLTURE will be back!”

Photo credits: Radek Šich

Posted on 04 Feb 2020


With pride we eagerly announce that LORD VOLTURE will play the main stage of the Zeeltje Rock festival in 2020. We are planning an exclusive special "10th Anniversary" set that will not be performed elsewhere in the Netherlands.

The 2020 edition of Zeeltje Rock will be the second time that LORD VOLTURE will make an appearance at the festival, as in 2014 we were part of the line-up as well. We look forward to doing that again!

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Posted on 11 Oct 2019


It has been 16 months since LORD VOLTURE was last seen on stage. It has been 24 months since LORD VOLTURE last played the Benelux. But finally, the steel hearted outfit from the Low Lands returns to headline the Devils Rock For An Angel festival in Belgium.

The festival's earnings are used to support no less than three charity organisations that support children that suffer from cancer and other life threatening diseases. Naturally, we are very proud that with our music we are able to contribute to this noble cause. The event takes place on 28th September 2019 in the town of Zillebeke, near Ypres, Belgium.

It is unlikely that we will play another concert in 2019, so grab your chance and head down to the fields of Flanders for some screaming heavy metal!


Posted on 14 Aug 2019

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